Aesthetics is just one small part of our photography though, for us it's the story, your story which matters the most to us. During the day we're silent and shoot moments as they happen, you will never see us telling your nearest and dearest what to do to create a moment. We silently wait till this moment happens and capture it in its most creative and beautiful way.

We love to focus on capturing the unique and priceless moments of joy and happiness as they happen, instead of cheesy still poses. Our joint experience has led us to adopt the style of photography that can be characterized as a blend of both traditional and contemporary.

Everyone of us is unique. So is each and every wedding. WE love this. WE ARE committed to weaving together all the moments in your day special day. All those fleeting, intimate, joyful, lost-in-the-blink-of-an-eye moments that pop out and illuminate when you bring so many amazing people together. Magic always happens.

We Believe That Indian Weddings are full Of Traditions and we love to explore them!

Different Culteres Different Religions Spreading the Happiness.

There is so much to think about when planning your wedding. The made-for-me dress. The handpicked flowers. The oh-so-perfect venue. The delicious food. But once the fun and merriment is over and you're back from your exotic honeymoon you are only left with two things - memories, and photographs. This is why we believe your photos are one of the most important features of your wedding day.

A strong background in art, fashion photography and movie directing helps us to find visually creative shots full of light, original compositions and lovely moments with a touch of film. Pastel tones, natural light and shallow depth of field are things which are very important for us.

Our Main aim is To meet your Statisfaction level and to preserve your orecious memories in a beautiful way!

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